House Tour, part the third!

Hmmm, what could be behind door #3? 

door to the... by you.

Let’s take a closer look… is that a label? 

what's this? by you.

Why, yes it is… my favorite room in the house, the studio!  This is where all the magic happens, people! 

studio by you.

This is taken from the door, looking in.  I’ve still got my two table set-up, which I love- the drafting table at a gentle angle, and the lower flat table next to it.  The drafting table is perfect for yarn winding- right now you can see the borrowed swift (thanks Julia!) and on the other little outcropping, which is on the right (out of view here), is the ball winder.  Together, an unstoppable team.  Little K, there’s your barrette doll head on the table!  Also if note in this pic- the door (window) snake I had to make to keep out the BREEZE- not draft, mind you, but breeze.  That window is messed up, and it’s so cold in here, it’s very hard to work.  I’m glad I just finished some Malabrigo fingerless gloves to wear while I am in the studio. 

Here’s my inspiration board (if you click through to Flickr, you can see all the little detailed notes about the different things on there):

inspiration board by you.

Here’s some of my storage- on the bookshelf are painting supplies, beading supplies, and adhesives, and in the basket on top, there is yarn, covered with my rainbow snead.  The little German medicine caddy has slide out drawers that hold ribbon and trims. 

studio organization by you.

This room came with closet hardware on two of the walls, which I’ve tried to put to good use (again, click through for more details on what all this stuff is):

studio organization by you.

studio organization by you.

I finally hung my diploma!  It only took 10 years! 

I smart! by you.

This is my “baltimore through the back door” photo:

inspiring view by you.

I love my neighborhood, especially its quirky backsides. 

Some little random details:

ellie the ami by you.

Ellie the Ami

Tiny vintage wind-up doll from when I was a baby:

vintage wind-up doll by you.

Hooray!  Our tour is complete!  Thanks so much for coming along!

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