I’m addicted…

…to google analytics. 

I mean, how did I get by without knowing that this is the breakdown of WORLD visits to my etsy shop?

1. 310 78.09%
2. 15 3.78%  
3. 11 2.77%  
4. 9 2.27%  
5. 4 1.01%  
6. 4 1.01%  
7. 4 1.01%  
8. 3 0.76%  
9. 3 0.76%  
10. 3 0.76%

There’s a pretty pie chart to go with this data, but I am not savvy enough to get it over here.  There’s also an amazing map, which highlights the countries your visitors have clicked through from- this just blew my mind.  I’ve noticed North America higlighted in a darker green, which meant most of my visitors have come from the US and Canada, but I’d never opened the full report for this particular area, UNTIL TODAY… when I was FLOORED, I tell you, floored!  On!  The!  Floor!  by the fact that I’ve had visitors from Finland, Iceland, Thailand, LATVIA(!), South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Romania… I’m so happy right now, I can’t explain it. 

Hey, remember ten years ago, when only the coolest people had cell phones, and no one had personal websites, and no one from freaking LATVIA was able to check out my freeform crocheted necklaces? 

NUTS.  In the best way.

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