Again, with the passing of time.

It’s one thing, you know, to feel yourself aging.  I mean, for me, it’s really not a big deal, and I love my birthdays.  I love my kids’ birthdays as well, but there’s something about sitting here thinking about how I now have a FIVE year old and a SIX year old that freaks me a little. 

It just can’t be possible, and that’s the end of that story. 

I made Z-man a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake for his b-day.  It’s his fav book, and I saw some awesome tutorial (that I regrettably can’t find now) someplace online, and went to town.  It’s much easier than you think- it’s just a bundt cake, cut in two (freeze it first, you’ll thank me later), then shifted to make the “s” shape.  Crumb coat, then freezer again, ice it, and decorate with candies, icing, or a mixture of the two. 

He loved it.  I was surprised how excited he got, as I didn’t bother to make the colors correct or anything.  Proof, I suppose, of his greater flexibility these days…

(click to embiggen)

Happy 5th birthday, little big man.  Mamba loves you.

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  1. christina Says:

    MY MAN!!!!!!!!

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