Mother of the year, Mother’s Day edition

Awesome things about today:
1. hearing things like, “I don’t know if he’s as fat as Santa, or God…” -Sage, this afternoon, talking about an author on NPR
2. getting all manner of laminated awards, handprint pictures, homemade cards, barrettes bought by the babysitter of the year, text messages, emails, upside down tomato planters, and phone calls- all exalting your having pushed out some babies
3. watching a video at church where Sage explains why she loves me- “because she cooks me cereal and lets me watch DVDs”- I inquire about the cooking of cereal, she responds with, “you know, CHEX.”
4. movie-like wind whilst hanging laundry on the line and pushing my hands through cool dirt
5. contemplating bedtime at 8pm

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  1. christina Says:

    glad you liked the barrettes! i let them pick them out, although sage wanted to get you the one i bought for her. thats why i suggested her get it for herself.

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