Monday, monday…

Here I am!  Still kickin, I broke down and bought myself an iPhone, then spent every waking minute playing with it.  I’m already working on new app ideas, although I don’t have any idea how to write the code… but I have lots of opinions and ideas!  There could be some better GFCF diet type apps, I’d love some better knitting/crocheting apps…. might have to enlist a friend on this one. 

Anyway, I’m very excited today to be recording some sounds for an upcoming radio show on our local NPR affiliate, The Signal.  If you’re local, I hope you’re already listening to this show, it comes on Fridays at noon, which is prime studio time for me, so I’m always tuned in.  There’s an encore later in the evening, too, or you can check it out on their website, here.  I’m so excited to be a part of one of my favorite shows!  I’ll post info when I know more about when the episode will air. 

Let’s see, what else… I’ve been swatching for an awesome custom order the past week, and sort of hitting a brick wall of color.  I’ve been asked to incorporate gray into a necklace design, and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a gray that’s cool enough (cool vs. warm, rather than cool vs. lame) to match the other colors in the palette that’s been requested, so there’s some searching and tweaking happening now.  I’m also trying to build up stock for some upcoming shows- the Pyramid Atlantic show, and our own Pile of Craft show are coming up so fast!  If you come by either of those shows, look for the mafia booth (at Pyramid) or the HVM Designs booth (at POC), and say hello!  You might get a little treat!

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  1. youuuuuuuu iphone girl! i’m getting on on friday for graduation!! so lets sit around together and look at applications, ok?! ahahah, hope all is well

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