house-werk, as opposed to kraft-werk…

House work has taken over my life, at the moment.  We had a bit of an ant infestation, so I’ve had to raise my cleaning skills up to the level of most of my diligent housewife friends, from the lowly level of functional, which is how I usually roll.  I’ve been trying to notice the beauty in all of these extra time-sucking chores, as opposed to dwelling on all the to-do’s for my craft that aren’t getting done.  For example, the view I enjoyed (not the poor, hacked up tree, but the sunset) the other evening, taking the laundry down off the clothesline.  

Backyard view as I took the clothes off the line by you.Pretty…

I’ve also had to spend a lot of extra time with the Z-man, who inexplicably contracted some sort of terrible, disgusting, flesh-eating style infection on (and in) his nose.  It looks like poision ivy, but we can’t be sure.  I can be sure that he’s had an inordinately difficult time leaving it alone, especially when he’s sleeping.  I’m keeping him dosed on Benadryl all day for this long weekend- he can’t take it when he has school, it makes him so sleepy, but at home it’s not so bad.  

Here’s a picture he took before the whole plague-on-the-face thing happened: 

april 09 023.jpg by you.And one of Sage, for good measure, which I think is far and away the best expression she’s ever had in a photo: 

Million dollar Sage face... by you.

Happy Memorial Day, I hope you’re all BBQ’ing the pants off the weekend!

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lordy. i think sage looks, say, 12 in this picture. hands down best pic i’ve ever seen, besides it being an amazing expression of her. i love these kiddies, can i just um, steal them?! why isn’t zander a baby anymore and sage is a little tulip head babygirl with bangs and a really small voice?!?!?!?!

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