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A plea. From me.

Posted in musings on June 30, 2009 by askthesky

Hey there, campers!  I kind of wish I was camping right now.

Look what I did to my full length mirror today!

work photos 460

It’s a pretty break, isn’t it?  You’re wondering how I made it break that way, right?  Well.

I have this really elaborate way of photographing my work for my etsy listings.  I basically take self portraits, using the mirror behind the camera, so that I can see the preview screen of my camera while attempting to set up the shot.  I feel pretty strongly about having human models, rather than static displays, because things get more hits in my shop when there’s a someone modeling them.

The full-length mirror/tripod/self-portrait method is fine when I’m photographing necklaces or earrings, but it gets a lot more complicated when the items are rings and bracelets.  I need two hands free to make this whole crazy scheme successful.  So, in trying to get a shot like this:

work photos 452 I broke the mirror.

Here’s my plea: if you are local, and have nice (and that definition is broad- you don’t have to have long, perfectly manicured nails or anything- check out my hand, above) hands, and are available during the day, I need a model.  I need this person really soon, and possibly, if it works out well, once a month or so on an ongoing basis.  I can pay in my work, baked goods, or any other barter type dealie (that’s legal).

You can comment on this post if you’re interested!  Thanks!


Cutest baby who didn’t come from my belly…

Posted in musings on June 23, 2009 by askthesky

…cause mine are still the cutest, but man.  This baby.  I mean, check this out!


You’ll notice the watermark, and maybe that hat looks familiar?  Jennifer bought if from me at Holiday Heap this past November for her amazingly beautiful nephew, Eamon.   Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sending these photos to me!  And, if you’re a local, check out all the photography services Jennifer offers on her website (and enjoy one of my favorite songs on the homepage)!

Ohhhh, the cute!

02-20090420_eamonsullivan_hats-wIf you’d like to commission a hat in the off-season (these are cotton, so great for summer and winter babies alike), send me a convo through my etsy shop.

Zander and I are off to the beach for the weekend, see you back here next week!


Posted in musings on June 18, 2009 by askthesky

Still just getting by around here, on too little sleep, too little patience, and way too much coffee.  I’ve been busy either at my day job, keeping Z-man occupied, and making work for Saturday’s Pile of Craft (you’re coming, right?), or any combo therein.  Housework, you may have noticed, does not appear on the list.  Neither does socializing.  Hence the title.

Here is my bright spot for today: when it’s rainy and dreary, and you’re overcome from spent emotion, and overwhelmed by the list of things to do, collapse on the couch and let a little friend remind you that you’re really not alone, after all.

Woman's best friend. by you.

blog guilt

Posted in musings on June 13, 2009 by askthesky

You know how it goes, right?  You miss a week or so of posting, and here comes the blog guilt.  Well, usually, this happens to me because all the regular stuff of life gets busy.  This week, it was a lot more than that.  I can’t say too much, other than to share that there was a crisis that didn’t involve my family directly, but changed the course of things in my life dramatically.  It’s been a very long and very hard week.  Any prayers/thoughts/balloon releases/yoga poses you’d like to offer would be much appreciated.

Here’s what Zander and I have been up to, since Sage has left us for a three week trip to Germany and Hungary with her dad:

Don’t Break the Ice!





Also, some fun and happy things:

  • check out this week’s episode of our local super show, The Signal, for a cool piece about the Charm City Craft Mafia!  Listen carefully, I’m the rainbow freak.
  • this Saturday, Pile of Craft! Don’t miss it if you’re local to Baltimore!

  • Hmmm, it seems as though someone has figured out how to take photos with the iPhone:


chicken pox=great opportunity…

Posted in musings on June 1, 2009 by askthesky

I know, we wouldn’t usually think of it as such, BUT.  When I realized that I’d really not be leaving the house for three days, with poor, itchy Sage at my side, I got pretty psyched.  I have been really dying to get an earring design finalized for Pile of Craft, and whenever I’ve had time to work on it lately, I’ve been interrupted and unsuccessful.  

So, I headed up to the studio after breakfast, and got to it.  I hit a brick wall almost immediately.  My carpal tunnel has been pretty bad lately, and I was just in too much pain to work in thread with a tiny hook, so I put it aside, and instead worked on something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now, namely- covering the original logo on this rotating display I bought from the local paperie when it closed down last month.  

Here’s the first side: 

Chicken pox project one by you.

…and the second: 

photo by you.

Terribly exciting, right?  Oh, no, just me?  ANYway, after I got this out of the way, I made a couple rings, then moved back to the earrings.  Sometime in the middle of all that, she who has been stricken with the POX wandered in, and I pulled out the gesso bucket o’goodness that I’d been stockpiling for times like these.  Here’s what my six year old artist created: 

Top: A Car (please note the red magnetic ribbon on the top)

Bottom: A Face, with red and black freckles, and a rainbow visor.  

Sage's projects day one by you.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll make tomorrow…  stay tuned!