chicken pox=great opportunity…

I know, we wouldn’t usually think of it as such, BUT.  When I realized that I’d really not be leaving the house for three days, with poor, itchy Sage at my side, I got pretty psyched.  I have been really dying to get an earring design finalized for Pile of Craft, and whenever I’ve had time to work on it lately, I’ve been interrupted and unsuccessful.  

So, I headed up to the studio after breakfast, and got to it.  I hit a brick wall almost immediately.  My carpal tunnel has been pretty bad lately, and I was just in too much pain to work in thread with a tiny hook, so I put it aside, and instead worked on something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now, namely- covering the original logo on this rotating display I bought from the local paperie when it closed down last month.  

Here’s the first side: 

Chicken pox project one by you.

…and the second: 

photo by you.

Terribly exciting, right?  Oh, no, just me?  ANYway, after I got this out of the way, I made a couple rings, then moved back to the earrings.  Sometime in the middle of all that, she who has been stricken with the POX wandered in, and I pulled out the gesso bucket o’goodness that I’d been stockpiling for times like these.  Here’s what my six year old artist created: 

Top: A Car (please note the red magnetic ribbon on the top)

Bottom: A Face, with red and black freckles, and a rainbow visor.  

Sage's projects day one by you.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll make tomorrow…  stay tuned!

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