Still just getting by around here, on too little sleep, too little patience, and way too much coffee.  I’ve been busy either at my day job, keeping Z-man occupied, and making work for Saturday’s Pile of Craft (you’re coming, right?), or any combo therein.  Housework, you may have noticed, does not appear on the list.  Neither does socializing.  Hence the title.

Here is my bright spot for today: when it’s rainy and dreary, and you’re overcome from spent emotion, and overwhelmed by the list of things to do, collapse on the couch and let a little friend remind you that you’re really not alone, after all.

Woman's best friend. by you.

3 Responses to “sigh.”

  1. phuongxpham Says:

    Oh man. I’m feelin’ this entire entry. I have definitely had some of those moments where Charliecat slips his head under my hand and I think “oh yeah, well, I guess this dude still likes me.”

    Stay strong! see you soon! xo

  2. Oh, hon. Keep truckin’.

  3. It;s like they know when we need it the most 🙂

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