Cutest baby who didn’t come from my belly…

…cause mine are still the cutest, but man.  This baby.  I mean, check this out!


You’ll notice the watermark, and maybe that hat looks familiar?  Jennifer bought if from me at Holiday Heap this past November for her amazingly beautiful nephew, Eamon.   Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sending these photos to me!  And, if you’re a local, check out all the photography services Jennifer offers on her website (and enjoy one of my favorite songs on the homepage)!

Ohhhh, the cute!

02-20090420_eamonsullivan_hats-wIf you’d like to commission a hat in the off-season (these are cotton, so great for summer and winter babies alike), send me a convo through my etsy shop.

Zander and I are off to the beach for the weekend, see you back here next week!

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