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sage's work 002 by you.

I’ve been so inspired lately by Michael Nobbs, an artist from Wales, who has self-published extensively, and endeavors to have us all drawing our lives, sort of diary-style.  As someone who’s never been very good at keeping a diary of writings (every entry begins with some form of  “wow, diary, it’s been a while…”), this idea has been so appealing to me.  I’ve put together Michael’s book Start to Draw Your Life, which he’s made available for no charge on his flickr page, and it’s been working quite well for me (more on that in another post, soon).

Another thing that Michael has done is to include a micropodcast on his blog, which he records from his studio.  There is something so intimate about hearing his voice as opposed to simply reading his words that struck me.  I just love it.  So, I’ve done some digging to find out how he’s making these micro-podcasts happen, and I’ve made one myself.  I think this theme of inspiration will return often, and this week, I’ve been thinking about my daughter Sage, and her artwork.  You can click right here to listen to the podcast (I can’t seem to get it to embed correctly), and view some images of her work  in the Flickr set I’ve created here.  I’ve given you a couple of teasers here.  I hope to hear what you think of this new feature, as well as your thoughts on finding inspiration from your children (or any children!).

sage's work 005 by you.

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