listy mclisterson

I am:

  • listening to the Moth podcast
  • working on a charity piece for a friend of mine
  • wondering if those guys with the horse drawn cart ever actually sell any fruit
  • regretting the tater tots I had for dinner
  • wondering if I should make rainbow chard with pine nuts and golden raisins to make up for it
  • hoping that itchy patch isn’t poison ivy
  • missing some people pretty badly, many people, all at once
  • jonesing for a good yoga class
  • thinking about standards, and deciding not to change them
  • feeling proud about not getting frantic about all the stuff I have my hands in right now
  • going to bed super early tonight

What are you doing?

2 Responses to “listy mclisterson”

  1. Ooo I’ve just noticed you’re n Etsy too. I shall have to nip along and take a peek. As for what we’re up to? We’re trying to find robotic videos of Axel F [Beverly Hills cops] for the children who are currently obsessed with the tune. I’m not sure which is worse, listening to them sing it constantly or having it blasting out over the telly.

  2. Where’s the Etsy link gone now that I’ve commented? It’s disappeared. Perhaps I imagined it?

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