Consumerism and Craft

Originally, I posted this on the mafia blog, but I love it so, I wanted to stick it in over here as well.

Image from The Small Object

I might be alone here, but I suspect I am not. Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about the problems facing our environment, and how our pervasive consumerism contributes to them. It’s so difficult to balance the corporate nature of running a business (even a tiny indie craft business) with the strong desire to fix what is broken in our money-driven system.

One thing I love more that anything is when I visit one of my favorite blogs, and the writer has expressed my exact thoughts much better than I could have done. That’s what’s happened with this post, on the Small Object Steno Pad blog. I’m sure many of you have read this, but I wanted to share it and add my voice to the many who are commiserating with Sarah’s feelings about homemade, handmade, vs. giant faceless corporation made.

Thanks, Sarah, for making amazing things, and for getting into my head and articulating so well how I feel about these things… big high five to you.

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