Come, Labor On

Happy day of labor! Or really, I suppose, happy day of rest from your labors? I’m doing some of my favorite kind of work today, in the kitchen, turning that bounty below into sauce. I am proud to report that while some of that lovely produce came from the csa, and the flat of tomatoes came from a generous neighbor of my mom, two of the peppers were grown in my backyard! I think while I run the sauce through the food mill to get rid of all the skins and seeds, I’ll listen to the cd I got as a present in the mail the other day from my friend Jennie Wayne- it’s so lovely, in a very Americana way- she’s on myspace and YouTube- just search on her name. You can buy her EP, if you have musical tastes of the highest pedigree, l have no doubt that you will, you can shoot me an email and I’ll fill you in. Sauce time!

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