Whoa. Woe.

How, exactly, is it halfway through November already?  Yeee-ikes.

At least Thanksgiving will be low-key around here- no gluten eating people to try to impress, just my kids and me.  I think we’ll dig out the Christmas decorations and the Sufjan Stevens CD set and do it up right.

Meanwhile, my hands are flying through some new projects.  I’m making work for our upcoming mafia show- Holiday Heap, some projects for Sage’s birthday (seven years old, my lands!), and of course, the ever-lengthening list of handmade Christmas gifts.  How is it that I can never learn to shorten that one?  Nope, too easy.  We have very limited funds around here, but (thankfully) plenty of fiber.  That means a lot of all-nighters for little ole me.

Now, where’s that 4:30 pm coffee I was making?

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