time, time, time… see what’s become of me?

When I think I don’t have enough time, I usually do everything in my power to spend what little extra time I do manage to find doing something that I enjoy.  Lately, this has meant talking on the phone.  A lot.

Well, there’s gonna be some space freed up there, and tonight is night one of more free time.  So.  I have an afghan repair job that sucks all the joy right outta life, the usual household list- laundry, cooking prep, dishes, lunch making- and several baby presents that aren’t going to finish themselves.  What do I choose?  To write a blog post, and stare wistfully at the nearly-due library books on my bedside table (suitcase), alongside my languishing sock that was begun when it was actually cold outside (today in Baltimore it was about 90 degrees).

But, there’s nothing I like less than when people complain on their blogs about silly things we all certainly deal with all. the. time.

SO!  Some things I’ve done recently that were full of the awesome:

1. Planted a community garden at church:

2.  (not in order, cause whatevs)

Spent time with one of my most favoritest people ever:

3.  Made a super cute baby sweater (which I’m teaching at Lovelyarns soon!):

4. Stumbled upon this super rainbow in the backyard:

5. Got this amazing photo of my babies (it’s a few years old) that I cannot stop looking at, from the kids’ aunt Sylvia (and it’s copyrighted, so don’t be swiping):

…and there’s lots more awesomeness to come.  I can feel it.  Let’s go.

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