Okay, okay.  Not gonna beat myself up, just gonna say that I’m sorry to have disappeared, and if you’re still out there, internets, I’m here, and I’m not gonna be so picky about posting.  Crappily-lit photos from my phone?  YES.  Dribbly writing of no consequence to most of the world?  NO PROBLEM.  Random musings about my hair, and the hair of those around me I admire?  POST THAT.  DO IT NOW.

In this vein, let us commence with the underlit, slightly blurry photos.  We just got back from vacation in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, which is so close and so amazingly wonderful, it’s completely insane that we haven’t ever been there, in the whole 34 years we’ve lived in this state.  Apparently I’m using the royal ‘we’ here.

There was water!  For boating!  

The water, it splashes all misty-like into your face sometimes.  He really did enjoy this, I promise.

There was bonding!  With Grandpas!  Well, just the one Grandpa.

There were babies!  For squishing!  Gently!  This is my little sister’s baby, Adrian Cuteypants.

Sage was also on this trip… hmmm.  I may have to go nick some photos from Facebook.  She also enjoyed things!  Yay!

I had time to finish a project that’s been on my mind for some time:

It’s a teeny-tiny version of my crochet hex jacket pattern, which will someday be available as a PDF download at an etsy shop near you.  And hopefully, Ravelry, if I can get my stuff worked out.  Go, me!

{This post brought to you by the fastest free computer I’ve ever been given, thank you, Ryan!}

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