All summer, especially when it’s really freaking hot, I walk around singing this Porgy and Bess song with as much flair as any white girl possibly could, greatly annoying the children and cats.  In some sense, I hope it will hasten the close of my least favorite season, and help to more quickly usher in the start of my favorite one.

Dear Autumn,

I saw some leaves that looked like they really wanted to change color today.  Please don’t tease.



Here’s some rando-shots from our summer adventures to keep us all occupied until the cold comes.

Zander as Hon

Sage as Princess Hon

Simmie was unconcerned... this pirate who came for a visit.

Look at those cute pirate feet!  Thank you, Ms. Tracey, for the costume!  It fits great!

Okay, in other news, the applications are up for Charm City Craft Mafia’s Holiday Heap, so if you’d like to be considered, click on the image below to be taken to the application.  We’re including a new emerging artist feature this year- head over to the application to read more about it.

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