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If you intend to read a load of blog posts on google reader, you must first post to your own sad and neglected blog.  It’s really the least you could do.

Some Christmas-y things i made, post-Christmas…


a lovely granny baby blanket, commissioned by a friend for his niece.


convertible mittens for Sage, with smart little buttons for keeping the flaps down.


s sweet little ripple cowl, just for me, shamelessly.


cooler-than-thou mitts made for me by ms julia, out of some outgrown and much-loved Sage pajamas.

I also made a rather plain hat, too small for Danny and re-given to my mom, several baby hats, and a bunch of non-yarn ornaments with the kiddos.  Over the weekend, I was able to get a lot of work finished on a freeform sweater that I’ve had in the works for years, thanks to teaching a freeform workshop class on Saturday.  Very excited to begin on a rainbow blanket for my bed as well, after the sweater.  onward!!


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  1. I made a very similar ripple cowl for my mum for Christmas – it was a real fiddly thing but it turned out great – just wish I’d used more seasonal colors.

  2. Lovely! I ended up adding buttons to this so it’s more snug- now I love it even more!

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