Does it have to be so hard?

First things first: I had an incredibly good lunch today. Wanna see?

<insert obligatory iphone photo apologies here>

It’s chicken pot pie casserole (I use the filling recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods, plus one tablespoon of arrowroot starch mixed with cold water), and top it with my own biscuit topping (almond flour +salt, cut in grassfed butter, add one egg, mix with hands until smooth), and very spicy chorizo and greens, loosely based on this recipe over here.  Except my chorizo is crazy spicy, so I don’t use the hot sauce or vinegar, and I added half a shredded purple cabbage, too.  YUM.  I have found that I feel much healthier, generally, when I have at least one serving of cooked greens a day.  This time, I made a whole bag of trader joe’s “greens for cooking”, plus the cabbage, so I’m pretty much set for the week on that.  Score.

You know, internets?  I’ve been thinking a lot today about this whole eating thing.  I got a lovely note via Facebook this morning from my friend Katie (Hiya, Katie!  Don’t be a lurker!) about my food posts and how she’s inspired by my attitude- I think she said (maybe misquoting you here, K, but I’m too lazy to go over and look to be sure) that I make it seem like a super fun adventure rather than a big, splinter-like chore.  I was so tickled, and most of the time, I do feel as though it’s an adventure.  Sometimes, a splinter, but usually, a fun fun partycook time.  I love to cook, though, so there’s that.

Lately, I’ve been having some pushback from someone in our lives (HINT: someone who used to be married to me).  Now, when the kids are with this person, they do not eat gluten or dairy.  They do eat loads of corn, rice, beans, and a whole host of other non-primal/non-paleo compliant foods.  Foods that Mark Sisson would call ‘cheap calorie sources’.  Now, this makes sense, as this person needs to save all the money possible.  But I’m not here to talk about this other person, not really.  I’m here to say this: when my family is with me, they will eat primally.  When they are not, I hope that they will not be given gluten- that much is very important to me, especially given Z’s autism.  But beyond that, I have let go of my expectations.  They will encounter things outside of this house that are not “clean” foods, that much is certain.  What’s important to me is that they (and I’m including my current, super-husband in this list) GET IT.  They know why we don’t eat the things we don’t eat, and they know why we do eat the things we do eat.  Just this afternoon, my daughter had the chance to have some of her (gluten-free) Valentine’s Day candy for an afternoon snack, but she chose to have some grapes instead.  When I asked her why, she said, “I just feel like grapes would be better for right before I do my homework.”  Brilliant, this one.

So, all this to say: no, I don’t want to take over the world with my primal mind power.  Well, I sort of do, but… (did you hear that they’re launching a certification program soon?  So tempting!)  My point here is, I am realistic about this way of living.  I know that my kids will eat things that aren’t healthy, and I know that sometimes, I really want a gluten-free cupcake, so I make one.  And I eat it.  And life as we know it, does in fact, go on.

I’m trying to remember that when dealing with the folks who have such a hard time understanding our choices.  To see their fear, or their lack of understanding, as something to approach with compassionate love, just like I try to approach every other situation.  Then, I think of all the many people who have asked me for food help recently, or the people like Katie, who have been quietly inspired, or the people who commented on the photo I posted of my husband on Facebook this morning that shows how much weight he’s lost in the past few months.  Those who want or need me, find me.  Those who are threatened by my choices, are threatened.  Que sera sera.


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  1. You’re so welcome for the note! I love the grapes vs. candy scenario. Seems to explain why we adults have a hard time making the healthy (or healthier) choices for our minds and bodies; there’s a huge disconnect between the how and the why and the why has become “to lose weight and look like Jennifer Hudson!”

    Related to a different post, I’m so excited to see your new business on Etsy. So joyful for new and creative adventures but selfishly thinking “perfect timing!!” because we’re (by surprise) expecting our first child in August and my biggest concern is of course not anything reasonable but that the child have real, non-plastic play things. This is my “the child will encounter plastic things in the world and I have to let go” thing. I feel there will be so many moments like this…

    Thanks for the shout out! Now I’m off to take down the green and chorizo recipe. File under: things happening in my kitchen asap.

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