Still sick….

Sorry, internets.  I am still battling this bout of ick in my gut.  Downing all the bone broth (although I usually make chicken) and greens I can, and it’s helpful, but I’m still sort of struggling to get through the basic tasks of my day, leaving little time to write here.  Soon, I say, soon, I shall return properly.  In the meantime, Pinterest has changed their policies to make me sleep better at night, so I’m back over there posting some yummy Primal foods and other goodies from time to time.  


2 Responses to “Still sick….”

  1. Have you asked your doctor about bacterial overgrowth? Because both my mom and mother in law have tummy troubles and they are often attributed to a bacterial overgrowth.

  2. Hey Sarah, I haven’t talked to a doctor, but I have followed the SIBO diet protocol, without much change. That’s actually why I was so intrigued by the fructose malabsorption thing, b/c the probiotics seemed to make it worse for me… thanks for the idea, though!

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