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the loo and the stu…

Posted in 2007 resolutions, color love, crafting, life in general, musings on October 6, 2007 by askthesky

the stu, dio.  first the bathroom, though, which is was remodeled at some point using the “I’d Do Just About ANYthing For A Window Here” school of design.  it’s shaped like a tetris block:


the amount of room in between the tub and the wall here is very narrow- so narrow that when i kneel to wash the kids’ hair, i can’t flatten my feet.  they hit the wall.  but, it has a window!  that’s all that matters! 

and now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the studio!  where all the magic happens! 

it’s really a closet.  and the floor slopes so much that i have to keep my feet firmly planted to avoid careening into the fabric storage boxes when i sit in the chair.  it’s a mess, too, as you can see.  i’m for realism, remember?  soon there will be a tall table for cutting and layout type things, with a smaller table for the sewing machine tucked in next to it.  then there are the boards:

brimming with ideas…

and, here’s the not so pretty part of the room, the storage part.  i got really inspired by sarah’s craft room fabric storage, but i didn’t get enough.  heaven forbid i plan ahead and calculate before going to the store. 

so, yeah, work in progress here.  consider these the ‘before’.  i was thrilled (doesn’t take much) to discover that my little yard sale german hospital cart was great for ribbon storage:

oh, and to give credit where it is due, my mom made those pretty yellow curtains in the year 47 AD.  ok, maybe it was 1979, close enough.  thanks, mom! 

revamp part three

Posted in 2007 resolutions, life in general, musings on March 13, 2007 by askthesky

the babies are home in one hour- i cannot wait to squeeze them and nibble on their cheeks.  mmmmm, nibbles….

sorry.  my weekend was mucho productivo.  i almost finished the bedroom re-vamp, except for clearing out all of my other, non-crafting home business stuff into the other room, and installing the table, which i don’t have as of yet.  i am very impressed with myself- i did all of it today (tuesday), and all by myself!  no bribery baking required!  what do you think?  oh, and don’t forget what it used to look like.  keep in mind, i didn’t spend extra time trying to make it look super duper perfect, that’s just not me.  so, while there are still piles all over, i think it’s well on its way to being a very useful space for me. 

eventually there will be a magnetic board under the giant bulletin board, both making my inspiration wall.  that’s also where the standing height work table will be.  don’t you love that little white medicine cart?  i got that at a yard sale- i love it!  ok, on to the other big accomplishment of the weekend, i made my first painting!  here’s a really terrible photo of the photo i based it on:

i took it from a boat in the inner harbor here in baltimore.  here’s the painting, be kind, it’s my first ever:

what do you think?  i hope your weekend was productive, too! 

come revamp with me

Posted in 2007 resolutions, crafting, life in general on January 24, 2007 by askthesky

so, to re-visit these items, i am working out a “design” in my head for the craft space in my bedroom.  i’m thinking when i move the crib out into the middle closet-type room, i can have almost half the room to use.  maybe you’d like to join me on this journey- the journey from junky bedroom to functional yet stylish sleeping boudoir/craft studio…

as you can see in the photos (and sorry for all the junk everywhere- i’m still going through that), i have options.  i could move the bed and have the non-window and non-light thingys sticking out walls be the craft side of the room (moving the bed to where the big dresser is in the above picture), which would also move the sensitive materials away from the radiator.  good.   don’t you love that quilt on the wall?  yeah, i didn’t make it.  it was a gift from a parent when i was teaching.  and, please be kind, it took a lot of reassuring self-talk to convince me to post photos of my bedroom. 

so, i have an approximate budget of $0, and i’ll need a flat table surface, a makeshift sewing station, and a lot of storage.  i’ll also need to work around the swirling tempests:

not a task for the faint of heart, indeed.  and i’ll need a strapping man to help move the furniture.  i see bribery baking in my future…

does anyone have a success story to share with me about your “studio” within the house?  i know many who have them, but started with guest bedrooms or otherwise empty spaces.  guests are not welcome here, unless they’re the crash on the couch types.  love those. 

also, i made a hat.  totally unrelated, i realize, but i wanted to share. 

i left my old hat at the golden west the other night, and rather than walk 3 blocks to retrieve it, i made a new one.  i never liked the old one anyway, i took it as a sign.  maybe some poor cold-headed diner really needed a hat and found it.  it does tend to be somewhat frigid in there… i wish i could tell you the name of the yarn- i know the black was washable wool, and the novelty is from autstermann.  i think i used 11 needles- i wanted 13’s, but i must have lent them to someone, as they are no where in my black hole of a craft stash.  the little flower is crocheted out of the same black as in the body of the hat. 

one more bit of randomness for your wednesday, i ventured out with supa last night to get the hot glue sticks, so i promise an etsy shop update in the imminent future (vague time line-on purpose).  i also have some roving and brand new felting needles to use on a new idea bouncing around in my head. 

crafting space

Posted in 2007 resolutions, crafting, musings on January 12, 2007 by askthesky

this title has multiple meanings for me this morning.  let me start by apologizing if you’re reading this news here before i’ve been able to tell you individually, especially if you are a family member.  i’m feeling weary-lipped about it, just like i did when i had to tell everyone on earth about losing the baby in september.  erich and i have decided to separate.  in many ways, i feel relieved.  friends have commented that it probably won’t be all that different for me, that i’ve been living as a single mom for some time now.  i know it will be very different, but it seems to me that the positive will far outweigh the negative. 

i’ve gotten to the point where the idea of modelling this martyrdom as a healthy relationship to emulate (mostly to sage, but to zander, too) is scarier than the thought of my kids having a “broken” home.  what if it was broken to begin with?

i grew up with divorced parents, and often i have told myself that i would not break up my own marriage to avoid the stickiness of that situation.  there were never any terrible movie-style moments in my childhood, and i felt loved and safe throughout the process.  when i look back on it now, i think about what my nana told me once- when people ask ‘HOW do you DO it?’ (and, she was talking about having two, or three in her case, very young children, but i have applied it across many areas of my life), you just tell them that it’s all you know, and so you get up every morning and live out your life.  you have nothing to compare it with, it’s just what it is, and you just get the job done.  that’s how i feel about that time in my life-  i didn’t know any differently, so i just got up each day and did what i knew.  i’m hoping it will be similar for my kids. 

as for me, i’m looking at the opportunities this presents.  i’ve been wanting to craft a space in the house for craft, and now i will have the chance to; a) have the space, and b) decide how it’s to be used.  the frustrating thing is that the ideal space (just big enough, super sunny in the afternoon, has a door i could close), a little porch off the back of my kitchen, is falling off of the house.  so, can’t get in there right now.  i’m looking into other options- i could carve a space out of my bedroom, which is pretty huge by baltimore-row-house standards.  i need to be making things right now- it keeps me humming. 

so, if you’re the praying kind, please say one for my family, and if you’re the energy kind, please send me some awesome chi, and if you’re the wishing and hoping kind, please wish and hope a smooth sail for us into this new place. 

snow white

Posted in 2007 resolutions, charity, crafting, musings on January 6, 2007 by askthesky

so, i went with the black.  i love it.  the after:

as for sprout salon, thumbs-UP.  it’s a great atmosphere, not too hipper-than-thou, but hip enough to make you feel cool.  i saw leah, who offers the cheapest cuts.  she’s perfect- not to chatty to annoy, no pressure to buy stuff, just nice and really good at what she does.  we decided on the color together, and i loved the process- the natural dye doesn’t smell at all, and it doesn’t burn on the scalp.  the only thing that i haven’t liked is that it hasn’t exactly come off my scalp yet.  if i scratch my head, i have black gunk under my nails, and this is after 3 washings with vigorous scrubbing.  i assume it will improve as time passes.  i hope, that is.  cause, you know, that’s not the most attractive thing. 

the cut is perfect- i told her i was open to whatever she wanted to do, as long as we could avoid the dreaded mushroom.  i’ve been cutting my own hair for the past 4 years, when my beloved hair man moved away (miss you, hini!).  it’s curly, so it never mattered much if it wasn’t perfect, and i liked doing it the way lorraine massey describes in her book, curly girl (a must-read if you are one).  but, as you can imagine, the back of my hair was very difficult to get to, and often i just randomly chopped upside down and hoped for the best.  the new cut is so nice, even in the back it falls so perfectly.  she used the thinning shears underneath, which makes it a little bit more fluffy than i’m used to, but i think in a couple days it will lay down and behave more.  they also shampooed it (which i never do), so that could have contributed to the fluff factor. 

all told, the event cost me $120, with a generous tip.  not bad, considering you’d expect to pay more for the natural dye.  i will definitely go back again, and i think you should go there, too.  i also chatted with the owner, rachel, who is super nice and has kids the same ages as mine.  she is very patient and sweet, as i noted while shamelessly eavesdropping on another cutting.

 in other non-hair related news, i have been writing some songs the past few weeks, which i hadn’t done in a very long time.  it’s been interesting, and i’m not sure what to think of them, as everything always seems so silly and contrived when you look at it the next day, but i have to believe that everyone feels that way when they start something that exposes them so fully.  it’s a little disconcerting.  stay tuned for further developments there. 

crafting wise, i’ve cast on for my charity knitting project for january, an afghan strip for sue’s ongoing project.  i have a metric ton of lion brand Homespun yarn to use, but if you’d like to contribute to the project and you don’t have a stash teeming with yarn you’d like to rid yourself of, go down to lovelyarnsin hampden, and sue will give you the yarn for this project.  isn’t that cool?  and, on the flip side, if you have yarn to donate to the cause, but no time or inclination to knit (or crochet) the strip, sue would be happy to take your yarn donation. 

making progress

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SO.  i have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the organic salon, Sprout, and my angelic sister to watch the kids.  here’s the before picture:

the question for you, should you choose to answer, is: to cover the gray, should i go full-on snow white-style black, or try to match it more to my real color?  i’m leaning towards the snow white thing.  i’m getting a cut, too, which i haven’t had done in over 4 years, when i started cutting it myself.  i’ll have a full review here afterwards, for all you charm city dwellers who cannot wait to hear what i thought, so you can flock there in droves.  or not.  depending on how it goes.  right. 

also, i have begun sketching the design for the tat, but i’m still conflicted about where on my body to put it… i’d like it to be where you wouldn’t neccessarily see it if i didn’t want you to (no bats out of the belfry, kristin- geez, i still can’t believe that– email me if you’re interested in the story- too racy to write about here), but not on a place that could be changed forever by a baby, should another ever come.  i’m thinking sort of the back of my hip.  if you have gotten a tattoo in baltimore, please leave me your recommendations in the comments- i’m thinking the museum, but i’m also not totally decided on that. 

and now, i’d like to announce how very proud i am to have made such easy to implement resolutions, enough so that on this, only the THIRD DAY of the year, i am somewhat close to finishing one of them.  yay, me.  yay, indeed. 


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yes, i am indeed alive. isn’t it super?!!?

i could spend valuable lines of text explaining my absence, or i could just get on with the list. 

1.  be honest in all circumstances, as nicely as possible. 

2.  die hair black again (to cover the gray). 

3.  get that tattoo that’s been bouncing around in my head for 10 years. 

4.  always have a charity fiber project going on- be it knitting, crochet, or sewing. 

5.  set up a proper studio space for crafting. 

6.  blog at least twice per week.  no excuses. 

i think that’s enough.  i’ve gotten a jump on number 6 by ordering the wifi card thingy dingy, and number four is underway.  there’s a new organic salon in my neighborhood to help out with number two, and hopefully a friend will hold my hand for number three.  applications are being received for this position at my home, you know the number. 

number five needs it’s own post, more on that later this week (i promise).