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PILE OF CRAFT 2012! Wooot!

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Charm City Craft Mafia is looking for the country’s best and most unique crafters for this year’s PILE OF CRAFT indie craft fair!
Pile of Craft 2012 will be held at 2640 St Paul Street in the lovely Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore.
In it’s 6th year, Pile of Craft will feature over 40 independent artists: stitchers, knitters, printers, painters, sculptors, jewelers, weavers, photographers, makers and doers.
Booth spaces are 8′ by about 5′ and it’s an indoor show – which means rain or shine – Your crafts will look great and stay safe!
Food trucks, coffee, music, good people and lots of balloons.

(Want to see what the fuss is about? CLICK HERE for photos of past shows).
Think you’ve got a fun & funky product that would fit our aesthetic?


So, I have this new business…

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…with my friend Julia!  It’s called Meep!Craft, and we make things for babies and mamas and all kinds of other happy people out of “upcycled” clothing.  This is a fancy way of saying that we take donated clothing, shirts and pants and skirts that are sad and forgotten, and give them new life!  It’s pretty fun, and good for the earth, too!  There’s a line of lunchbox products that are perfect for Primal/Paleo snacks! If you’re in need of a baby gift, a pretty pick-me-up for yourself, or some eco-friendly housewares, check it out!




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Oh wait, what I meant to say was this:











Also, check out this nice series of profiles Kathy wrote for our blog!  Come Saturday, bearing coffee with lots of sugar and soy milk, and I will give you ten free hugs.  No small print on that, friends.

POC 2010, coming soon!

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Pile of Craft, it’s one of my favorite days of the year- indie crafters uniting under one roof to present their babies to the general public, enjoy each other’s company, and hopefully, make enough money to bring the next generation of babies into the world.

Here’s where you can find all the details.  Hope to see you there!!

Whoa. Woe.

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How, exactly, is it halfway through November already?  Yeee-ikes.

At least Thanksgiving will be low-key around here- no gluten eating people to try to impress, just my kids and me.  I think we’ll dig out the Christmas decorations and the Sufjan Stevens CD set and do it up right.

Meanwhile, my hands are flying through some new projects.  I’m making work for our upcoming mafia show- Holiday Heap, some projects for Sage’s birthday (seven years old, my lands!), and of course, the ever-lengthening list of handmade Christmas gifts.  How is it that I can never learn to shorten that one?  Nope, too easy.  We have very limited funds around here, but (thankfully) plenty of fiber.  That means a lot of all-nighters for little ole me.

Now, where’s that 4:30 pm coffee I was making?

Local Gems

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I love the Shop Local feature on Etsy- here’s some of my favorite picks from some local Baltimore area Etsy artists… (just click on the photo to be taken to the item listing over at Etsy)

Baltimore Rat Christmas Cards

HOLIDAY LIMITED EDITION peace dove necklace

folksy shapes supper clutch


Kids Listen to Records Print

I’m working on some custom orders today, two hats, three cuffs, and one barrette doll.   I’m thinking I’ll officially close up shop for Christmas next Monday.  For those following our personal housing saga, the house auction on the courthouse steps is next Thursday.  I don’t exactly know what that means, except that someone different might be asking us to leave sometime in the near future.  Fingers crossed…

family happenings

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My crafty family, the charm city craft mafia, has announced the date for this year’s Holiday Heap craft show of awesomeness, and applications are posted!  Check here to apply, and good luck to you!  I want to send a shout-out to my girl Rachel, of Red Prairie Press.  Some people work like dogs all the time to get the job done, and don’t get a whole lot of shouting-out, you know?  Holla!  Rach!  Woop!  By the way, this is my new favorite shirt

Other family happenings include the 20 hour drive that brought my children home from Florida just ahead of the threatening storm that ended up to be kind of a flop, thank GOD.  They got in at 11pm last night, and are still asleep at their Dad’s whilst I type this.  I might have to go over there and nibble on them in their beds, such is my longing.  They were gone almost three eternities weeks. 

School starts on Monday, and while I didn’t have to do a ton of shopping, I did have to get Sage some jumbo glue sticks and a red folder, so of course that warranted buying some school supplies for me.  Ahem.  I got a lunch-on-the-go box from Fit &Fresh (at Target, it’s about a dollar cheaper than on that site), and a Snapware box.  These are both for my upcoming trip to California next week for my friend Kristen’s wedding.  It’s hard enough to fly cross-country and feed yourself well, but add in the gluten and casein restrictions, and it’s nearly impossible.  So, I’m taking a tip from one of my favorite blogs, and packing two and a half big lunches to take with me.  I mean, wouldn’t you rather have this than a tiny bag of pretzels? 

Disposable airplane lunch

YUM.  Well, minus the bread and the cheese.  Everything else, YUM. 

Next: I think I have to move, again.  I’m not sure what’s happening, or what will happen, but the house we’ve been renting for a year is going into foreclosure, and although I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m shut out of the process, so I don’t know anything about a timetable, or what’s owed on the loan, or anything.  This makes me nervous.  So, I’m looking into options now.  If you live locally and know of anything less than $200K for sale in the greater Hampden area, or if you have a Grandma who’s ready to move into the nursing home and sell her house to a very nice single mom and her angelic children for a song, or if you’ve got a really big cardboard box with a flush toilet, let me know. 

Kidding about the box.  Although, it would make a great fort, so never mind- box havers, speak up.

sunday, sunday, sunday!!

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Whew, so busy!  Just dropping in for a minute in between hot gluing and chomping down CSA produce to announce that the Charm City Craft Mafia will be co-sponsoring a really cool event on Sunday in Baltimore:

Urban Forest Project

Come see us at our booth, and work on some very interesting projects.  Perfect for the eco-minded lot out there…

come visit!

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Just a reminder to check out my little mini-series over at the mafia blog.  And thanks to Vanessa for inspiring it!  Here’s a teaser…


Happy Friday! 

ah, blog.

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Hello there, you pretty little blog, in all your neglected glory. 

Long abscence, thy name is stomach flu.  We’ve all been passing it around for a few weeks, which has just been a blast.  I mean, as plagues go, this one was a real party.  But, as always, the good times had to end.  Thank God. 

So, back to business.  I have been working on some new mirrors for a shop update and maybe some retail, if I can get my act together, and in doing so have stumbled upon a great idea that has commanded all the creative thought power of my brain for at least 3 days.  Which is a lot, for me.  That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.  I know.  CLIFFHANGER!  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Heather’s Big IDEEEEEAAAAAA. 

Hey!  If you live around here, consider signing up for one of my awesome classes at the yarn shop!  Or, if you live far, fly in for one of my classes at the yarn shop!  I’ll bring you some home-baked gluten free dairy free yum yums if you do that!  And a big, sloppy kiss! 

(scroll down on the page and look for Heather- the classes are kid’s crochet and baby ball) 

MMMMM’kay… also!  I will be guest blogging here later this week (tomorrow) about stores in Hampden (my ‘hood) who carry mafia members’ work.  It will include tips from shop owners on how to strike into the retail market.  My fellow mafioso have been adding some really awesome content over there, so do check it out.  Yo.

Later, dudes.  ‘Cause you’re all surfers in my head.