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I do still make things…

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Here’s a little  sampling of baby things I’ve made since I went on bed rest in October.

031This is my version of the Puerperium- here’s the details.

Baby in the sweater (I also did this bonnet, but no pattern- I just crocheted a T shape to fit her head, then seamed the back and added a little picot border.  I need a better photo of it, then I’ll add it to Ravelry):

IMG_3942A teeny, sparkly hat (this one no longer fits, but it was the only one that did fit for about 2 months…):

IMG_3758No pattern link for that, I just measured her head and my gauge and winged it.  It’s handy to have the baby attached to you at all times for this method of hat (or any garment) making.

On to booties! Details here.



More recently, I’ve done this hat, from my own Mission Hat pattern.  It’s gotten loads of compliments, I just love this design.

IMG_3982I’m still using my old stash Mission Falls cotton for these, but I’m running out of color combos I enjoy… the company went out of business recently who made this yarn.  I’ve found blue sky alpacas organic cotton to be nice for these, but it’s definitely bigger, even though it’s technically worsted.  I had to adjust my needle size and change the pattern a little to get a similar result.  Still working on editing the pattern to include these changes.




So, I have this new business…

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…with my friend Julia!  It’s called Meep!Craft, and we make things for babies and mamas and all kinds of other happy people out of “upcycled” clothing.  This is a fancy way of saying that we take donated clothing, shirts and pants and skirts that are sad and forgotten, and give them new life!  It’s pretty fun, and good for the earth, too!  There’s a line of lunchbox products that are perfect for Primal/Paleo snacks! If you’re in need of a baby gift, a pretty pick-me-up for yourself, or some eco-friendly housewares, check it out!



It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Posted in crafting, musings, super fun for little one on December 23, 2010 by askthesky

Christmas in our house, a photo montage.

Thanks, Supa!

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I was honored to be interviewed by my long-lost (although I know she loves her new city!) friend Mary Beth of Supafine fame for an article she wrote at Meylah about balancing kids and creative work.

And just to juxtapose this perfectly…  I’ve been passing this post over at Illuminated Mind on to every creative person I know- I think there is a lot to be said for going with your creative urges, even if it means being out of balance for a time.  If you’ve been to my house, you know that I’m much more likely to spend hours working on a creative project than keeping my house perfectly clean.  I’m more likely to spend hours on anything, actually.  Even dental work.

Well, maybe not dental work.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of poor Sage, who broke her arm in 5 places this past Monday, trying to hurry down from the top bunk.  We’re still fine-tuning the design for her cast embellishment.

Happy Halloween!

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Sage, in a borrowed store-bought Indian princess costume, and Zander in a homemade dragon costume…

Pumpkin face

Posted in super fun for little one on October 7, 2009 by askthesky

Acrylics + pumpkin + six year old =

First day

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Sage- first grade, Zander- kindergarten!

i’m it…

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tagged by supa mb, here goes nothin’! 

five random/weird facts about me.  i’ll try not to repeat any from the last time i did this one… there should be plenty of strange facts about me to do about a hundred of these. 

1.  i hate washing dishes with a passion that is unrivaled in any other area of my life.  i don’t know why, and yes, i’ve tried playing music and feeling accomplished when it’s over and done, nothing helps.  hatred with the undying passion. 

2.  i pine away for a former car of mine, the 1989 honda accord lxi.  this is what all cars should be, people.  my friend evan has a similar car (same era, same dashboard, same shifter) and each time i get into it i have to talk to it and give it some sugar.  recently he asked me if i wanted to buy it, and i actually considered it for a few minutes.  such is the love.  it seems strong feelings i have tend not to go away.  ever.  hmmm…

3.  i have had many many jobs in my life including, but not limited to:

-opera singer

-wedding cake decorator

-National Aquarium educator

-nursing temp agency staffer

-doula (just once though, not really a job)

-house painter

-greek restaurant waitress

-college library shelver

4.  i love beets, brussels sprouts, anchovies, and a bunch of other foods most people don’t like.  liverwurst, too.  my dad used to love liverwurst sandwiches with butter. 

5.  i once cut off all my hair, like as in a straight up boy-band-from-the-early-90’s-do, as my hair is pretty curly, on a dare.  from my little sister.  given moments before at the mall outside the hair cuttery.  i think i’ve also pierced my ears on dares.  more than once.  so, if you ever really want me to do something personal-care/appearance related, just dare me.  consider it done. 

this has some rules, and far be it from me to break them:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Don’t break the chain!

far be it from me, inDEED.  that said, if you are about to be tagged, and you don’t want to do this, please don’t.  i promise i won’t tell the meme overlords. 

i tag:

rachel (i know you just did it, but i DON’T CARE.  that’s just how i roll. also, i stole the jobs one from you.  thanks for the material.)

sarah (pretty sure you just recently did one, too, see above.)



i know, that’s just 4.  deal.  if you’re a meme overlord, i’ve got some lovely cupcakes to appease you.  call me. 

thanksgiving!  you’re never going to believe this, but we ate a turkey!  i know!  and i took a really crappy photo of it to show the internet, because otherwise it just wouldn’t be thanksgiving. 


we took some family photos, some good:

some, never meant to be:

and trisha, i know you’re going to give me a hard time about posting this, but it is the perfect family photo, and i am in love with it.  i would totally have its babies within a caring and committed relationship.  your expression is PRICELESS- every mother’s identifying with that face- it says, “i told you he hasn’t had his nap and this was a BAD idea.  i told you.  not responsible over here, that’s all i’m sayin.”  also, your son is insanely tall.  also, look how sage’s socks match your daughter’s shirt!  ok, i’ma just call you.  sorry everyone. 

then, we visited santa bob.  i talked about him last year.  he is perfect as always, although zander couldn’t be convinced, as you can see here:

geez mom, are we gonna see this dude every year? 

m’kay, i think you’re all up to speed.  there’s a bit more at my flickr page, if you’re feeling like you need more of my life to get you through.  i understand.  i do. 

special five year old birthday goodness on our next episode…

thought randomizer

Posted in life in general, musings, super fun for little one on April 22, 2007 by askthesky

here’s what i’ve been focused on this week:

he’s had a fever for 3 days that goes from 101-104 with wild abandon.  he’s been doing things like this, falling asleep while playing with the balance ball, all weekend, and not sleeping very much at night.  it’s been a bit like having a newborn, all foggy, all the time. 

we have two new family members:

zeke and simmie, a brother sister pair in need of a home, and we in serious need of mouse control.  zeke has many, many extra digits, which only adds to his allure in my book.  they’re both very sweet, not too needy, not too shed-y, purrrfect.  sorry, i had to. 

and, finally, a bit of crazy random writing about this, which came in the easter basket grandmommy put together for us:


so, the idea is, it’s a Dora ™ candy dispenser.  so cute!  dora ™ dressed like a bunny!  but wait, there’s a dark side:

you basically scalp her to get to the candy.  here, kids, open up dora’s ™ cranium, and partake of her delectable, candy brain!  yum! 

is it just me?  did not one person in their marketing department think this might be a tiny bit disturbing?  maybe it’s just me…

it’s tom clancy’s birthday, too

Posted in life in general, super fun for little one on April 12, 2007 by askthesky

first, a moment of silence to mark the passing of my favorite author.  thank you. 

on to happier things, the 3rd anniversary of the pulling out of my second child.  and, yes, he was pulled out via c-section.  apparently they really had to yank him.  i was busy in la-la land, so i can’t really comment. 

i went into labor with him after months of bed rest, trying to prevent the too-early timing of his sister’s birth.  i had just walked home from the diner on the corner, and i felt a little gross, i thought because of the giant burger and fries i had wolfed down (which i regretted later).  but, no, it was labor, beginning with contractions a couple minutes apart.  my friend rachel had walked me home, and took sage upstairs for her nap.  by the time she came back, i could no longer carry on normal conversation, and i beckoned for the phone and my suitcase, and asked her if she could stay until my mom drove down to mind sage.  erich ran every light to get home in record time (15 minutes), flung open the door, grabbed my bag and took off again, going faster in tune with the volume of my moaning.  i remember wanting to push as we drove up into the circle drive of the hospital.  of course, the problem was that i couldn’t push, as he was breech.  so, much moaning continued as i dropped out of the car onto the sidewalk on all fours, and the startled valet asked if i needed a wheelchair.  we left the car and raced up to the labor and delivery floor, where we were met by a nice nurse who handed me a clipboard full of papers.  i literally grabbed her collar and brought her up to speed in between moans- “breech baby, coming, c-section prep, NOW.”  she got it (love those nurses!), got my onto a table to do an exam, and indeed, i was 6 centimeters dilated, and his little behind was crowning as much as a rear end can crown. 

now, those of you who have babies can maybe get with me on this- when you are in labor, and your body wants you to push, nothing, NOTHING feels right except pushing.  so, in the few mintues (maybe 20?) that followed, the sounds coming from me were the only way i could vent that pent up pushing energy.  i remember being whisked past a couple of slow-laboring moms in the hallway and asking if the nurse could go explain to them why the crazy lady on the gurney was making so very much noise.  i was worried they would think i was in pain, and i didn’t want them to be scared if they were first timers.  the nurse said, “sweetie, that’s the least of your worries right now- you make all the noise you need to”, and i did. 

finally, we were in the OR, and it was time for the spinal.  in order to get this procedure, you have to curve your body over your belly and remain perfectly still , so the doctor can get the needle in between your vertabrae.  again, ladies with babies, can you imagine being in transition and having back-to-back contractions while doing this?  i think it’s up there with one of the hardest things i’ve ever done.  i did it, though, and moments later, a wonderful calm swept over my belly and legs, and i could stop moaning and ask for some lip balm. 

it seemed like one minute later when he was born.  i was totally out of it, but he looked like a newborn, so i was happy.  after they whisked him and his dad away was when the burger and fries made their re-appearance.  it was not pretty. 

the coolest thing was that, after they had cleaned him up, and me, i got to nurse him and hold him without any tubes or wires or anything.  i had never done that before, and it was the best thing. 

happy 3rd birthday, snuggleman, i sure do love you.