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*Product Review* Bob’s Wonderful Homemade GF Bread Mix

Posted in autism, gfcf diet, musings, product review with tags , , on January 24, 2008 by askthesky

My friend Patricia was over here the other day, helping me get through all the notes on supplement dosages for Zander.  She heard a sound in the kitchen. 

“Is that a bread-maker or something?”

“I wish it was, but no, we don’t have one.  That was the dishwasher.” 

“Oh.  Do you want one? I have one in my trunk you can have.”

And with the planets aligned, we got a bread machine.  Amazing, no?  I just so happened to have a package of bread mix I’d been meaning to make, but the thought of adding more processes to the super computer assembly line that is my every day was too much.  And so, it sat.  Until now!  Huurah! 

 Bob’s Gluten Free Family

<photo from bob’s website, see link below>

Product Name: Bob’s Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix (Best Product Name EVER)

Bought from: Donated from someone giving up GFCF diet (Woo!)

Price: Retails for $4.49 per one pound package OR $16.16 for a 4-pc case on Bob’s website


I followed the recipe on the back of the package for a bread machine loaf.  I used melted coconut oil (has yeast-fighting properties) for the fat, and Hemp milk for the liquid.  I went ahead and used the egg called for, as we haven’t seen a problem with them as of yet. I added the liquids (beaten well) to the machine’s reservoir, then the mix on top, topped with the yeast from the included packet.  Snapping the lid closed with a satisfying “klunk”, I chose the options for our loaf (size, cycle, crust color), and sat back to wait for the loaf to be finished.  Meaning, I went to the sink to get the afternoon’s 2 hours of dishes washed just in time to dirty them all for dinner.  Wheee! 

3 hours later, the loaf was finished.  I was in awe.  I spoke softly to the bread machine, whispering sweet nothings about its fantastical abilities to provide nourishing sustenance for my family.  This would be a good place to mention Orlando Bloom, given the whispering of sweet nothings, but I’ve promised that I won’t beat the dead horse that is my enduring love for he who is more beautiful than any living creature should be, for fear that the others will attack him in an attempt to extract the elixir of his supremacy.  So I won’t mention it.   

We’ve been eating cinnamon toast at breakfast for a week- it has been blisssssss.  This bread is so good!  It has a perfect crumb, a lovely clean yeast-y taste, and a great crust.  My only complaint is that you don’t get that ‘I am so cool that I bake my own bread’ smell filling up your home with the bread machine.  So, I just tell everyone that I am, indeed, that cool. 

Here’s some (bad, sorry) images of our lunch today, peanut butter and sour cherry jam. 


<hopelessly adorable children not included in bread mix>

But, you don’t have to take our word for it- Rachel tried some as she was sitting on my babies last night, and she proclaimed it as good as gluten filled bread.  And so it shall be known.  Buy it!  Make it!  Let the crumbs fall where they may! 


new directions

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Well, I thought I’d start fresh for the brand spankin’ new year with a new theme.  You like? 

 I’m also taking this opportunity to unveil a new category of posts for the blog- I’m going to start reviewing products I’ve tried on the Gluten Free Casein Free diet.  If I see enough traffic, I’ll go ahead and separate this feature into another blog, but in the meantime, I’m gonna keep it small.  I do know that it’s really frustrating to put out a lot of moolah for a product and then find all its shortcomings after it’s too late.  However, here’s a tip: if you’ve bought an offending product from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, they might take it back if your child rejects it, or if you find an ingredient that your child doesn’t tolerate (or stops tolerating before you can use the product).  Whole Foods especially makes it easy to get your precious money back. 

So, let’s get to it!

  Orgran Mulitmix Product Photo

(photo from the site)

Product Name:  Orgran Gluten Free Pizza & Pastry Multimix

Bought at:

Price: $4.29, plus shipping of $8.38 on about a $22 order

Orgran is an Aussie company that has received good press from the autism superstar mom, Jenny McCarthy, so I thought I’d give this product (as well as a couple others) a try.  In general, I prefer to cook from scratch, but this mix had so many possible options for preparation, it beckoned to me with its multimix splendor of possible choices.  I probably should have gone with my gut…

 I made “scones”, following the instructions on the box.  I used 2 egg whites, beaten, and instead of water, I used half coconut milk and half water.  I also didn’t have a scone pan (Have you ever used a scone pan? Not me…), so I just arranged the dough the way I always do when making scones (and I’ve made lots of scones, we go wayyy back)- patting the dough into a circle, cutting the individuals apart, then sliding them apart ever so slightly, as in, how far apart I’d be from Orlando Bloom, whilst I interview him for an important GFCF product review.  Not far. 

Sorry, eating these scones must have pushed me right into a daydream to avoid thinking about the chalky lack of crumb in my mouth.  Can you guess how they turned out?  I baked them at the suggested temperature, for the 20 minutes called for (which seemed nutty as well, again, based on my past scone-related escapades), and they came out looking like… well, like this:


I forgot to mention that I sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar before I popped them in the oven.  That’s not the one that got dropped on the floor, I promise.  That one’s on the bottom of the pile. 

So, they’re white as the light at the end of the tunnel, but less hopeful.  They’re as dense as my Vanagon Bus used to be when all my friends needed a designated driver to and from Fells Point, and they are devoid of crumb entirely.  I could talk about the taste, except it was as though taste entered another dimension, leaving me no way to describe it, even using the most colorful metaphor.  The cinnamon sugar on top was delicious, as was the jam the children and I slathered all over the top, sides, and bottoms of these, in order to choke them down.  Which, we all did.  I have such good kids. 

Now, I might have done something wrong, but either way, I prefer to make scones from scratch.  I’m still developing a very yummy scone variety for the cookbook I’m writing (tease, tease!)…

Thanks for tuning in, if you like this feature, leave a comment, and if you’re Orlando Bloom, please know that I will always bake from scratch when you come to visit.

happy halloweeny

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this is sort of cheating, as we did our halloween stuff on sunday, but i wanted to show off the costumes, so we’ll just pretend it’s happening today, m’kay?  greeeaaat. 

introducing, the Owl Family! 

here, i’m teaching my owlets how to say “whoooo”, although in fact i missed smiling with both my owlets in the only photo known to man where they are both looking at the camera AND smiling.  still cute, if you ask me. 

i just used felt (hot glued the faces and the wing stripes, then sewed them to the shirts), and made what sarah described to me in her response to the original post about making some owls, only i adapted it so that zander would wear it.  he wasn’t going for anything near his face, and actually it was only by some great distractionary techniques on my part that he kept it on at all.  oh, i also used a design from an old martha mag that had a pumpkin mask with an owl drawing that seemed good to me as a guide.   

speaking of zander’s sensitivities, we got the news this week that he is on the spectrum for autism.  while it’s a very heavy word, and i’m feeling that weight, i’m focusing on how to get him what he needs, and i really don’t feel crushed or even bogged down by it.  that said, i’m really struggling with the diet that’s become so touted to help with the behaviors associated with the disorder.  i’m not sure i can (or want to) go through with it… please share if you’ve had experience with it or know someone who has. 

so, you know when you’ve been climbing mountains in your life for a while, and then you think you’ve crested the final plateau, only to find the next ridiculous slope stretching up above you?  yeah.  that’s where i’m at, consider this your postcard.  i think though, as in all things, i could focus on the disappointment, or i can (and will) check out the view from here, strap on the harness, and climb on.  come along, please, if you’ve got the stomach for it… and i know you do.