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Happy Halloween!

Posted in crafting, life in general, super fun for little one with tags on November 2, 2009 by askthesky

Sage, in a borrowed store-bought Indian princess costume, and Zander in a homemade dragon costume…


happy halloweeny

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this is sort of cheating, as we did our halloween stuff on sunday, but i wanted to show off the costumes, so we’ll just pretend it’s happening today, m’kay?  greeeaaat. 

introducing, the Owl Family! 

here, i’m teaching my owlets how to say “whoooo”, although in fact i missed smiling with both my owlets in the only photo known to man where they are both looking at the camera AND smiling.  still cute, if you ask me. 

i just used felt (hot glued the faces and the wing stripes, then sewed them to the shirts), and made what sarah described to me in her response to the original post about making some owls, only i adapted it so that zander would wear it.  he wasn’t going for anything near his face, and actually it was only by some great distractionary techniques on my part that he kept it on at all.  oh, i also used a design from an old martha mag that had a pumpkin mask with an owl drawing that seemed good to me as a guide.   

speaking of zander’s sensitivities, we got the news this week that he is on the spectrum for autism.  while it’s a very heavy word, and i’m feeling that weight, i’m focusing on how to get him what he needs, and i really don’t feel crushed or even bogged down by it.  that said, i’m really struggling with the diet that’s become so touted to help with the behaviors associated with the disorder.  i’m not sure i can (or want to) go through with it… please share if you’ve had experience with it or know someone who has. 

so, you know when you’ve been climbing mountains in your life for a while, and then you think you’ve crested the final plateau, only to find the next ridiculous slope stretching up above you?  yeah.  that’s where i’m at, consider this your postcard.  i think though, as in all things, i could focus on the disappointment, or i can (and will) check out the view from here, strap on the harness, and climb on.  come along, please, if you’ve got the stomach for it… and i know you do.