About Me


Heather Russell von Marko lives in a typical suburban Baltimore townhouse with her three greatest creations, Sage, 10, Zander, 8, and Violet, not yet 1; and her husband, Danny (age withheld to protect the innocent).  She keeps busy with a job attempting to inspire spiritual growth in others, craft designing, helping to instill a healthy sense of self to the children, singing opera, bringing the craft designs to fruition (if she’s lucky), planning a future homestead,  walking the neighborhood, teaching, writing primal recipes, helping Zander navigate autism, and blogging about it all. 

Want more? Email her at hvonmarko at gmail dot com. 

Thanks for visiting!

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. i haven’t checked your site in a while, but are you by any chance still interested in doing a craft circle, or club or whatever? i still think it would be fun and i really like the knitting projects you’ve posted. i think for embroidering efects you can try to get the knot to stay underneath by pulling the thread through and bumping the knot to the inside and/or pulling the thread with a very long tail after the know way far away from the part where you’ve put the thread so that the end won’t work its way out through wear and washing.

  2. christina (the old sitter) Says:

    Heather!! I’ve been trying to find your e-mail… I miss you and wish we could see each other again! I understand you’re busy so don’t be like “oh god… I feel bad she’s upset!” it’s ok. I just thought about you guys today… so e-mail be sometime at cmccar2@towson.edu.
    Talk soon,

    tell sage I said hello and I miss her… Zander too but I”m sure he’ll just reply with a noise or something…hahah!

  3. ligeia smith Says:

    hey heather,
    it was so great to talk with you again.
    check out our blog: http://www.ittyandbitty.blogspot.com
    there’s pics of our wedding, honeymoon and halloween and all kinds of adventures that we had.
    lots of love to you and your family,
    ligeia 🙂

  4. Hey Heather- I emailed you a while back- not sure if you got it or not. Anyway, it was great seeing you again- email me and let’s have coffee after our geographilcally close church jobs!
    Happy holidays to you and yours,

  5. Latarsha Says:

    Awe they are the cutest

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