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please help, crafty people

Posted in crafting on April 30, 2007 by askthesky

i have a bunch (and by that, i mean 4 or 5) t-shirts that i want to transform from man-shaped to slightly-less-man-shaped.  usually, i just cut out the neck band and the arm bands, which works nicely, but these shirts are really big.  they need to be shaped on the sides, and i’d like to do a drawstring type thing on the sides to cinch them up. 

now, normally, i would just do it.  jump in with both feet and little, if any, planning.  this time i thought i’d ask first.  maybe someone has one of those t-shirt refashioning books, or has done this very deed?  i’ve googled, and not found anything.  please comment if you have any knowledge here.  thanks in advance. 

also, i watched this great video today from this amazing site (via whipup), and i feel such elation, it’s hard to describe.  i have been loving the quilting goodness, and i sure love fabric, but quilting was the one craft arena i had never ever come close to entering.  i never even really got to the parking lot of that arena, i got lost on the way and then ran out of gas.  it has always seemed like something you can’t do halfway, you know?  you need a lot of experience and a lot of supplies- at least in my head.  but now, with this site that has pictorial and video guides for even the dumbest non-quilters like me, i feel as though i can learn how to piece, bind, and then someday actually create aquilt!  this is exciting!  check out some recent quilting beauty here, here, and here (warning: anna maria’s blog is especially addictive- make sure you have time to stay a while).  i am so inspired, ladies, if only i knew how to do this…


all apologies

Posted in musings on April 29, 2007 by askthesky

hey peeps.  so sorry about the lack of posting. 

here’s some things i’ve been working on lately:

from left to right, there are knitted swatch bracelets (strung with elastic and beads), a tiny wire crochet beaded ring basket (to hold a ring), and crocheted flowers ready to be felted and made into a new project that i’ve been working on… more to come in that department! 

i’ve also been doing many preparations for this, (it’s at the bottom of the page, in red) coming up soon.  if you’re in town and have kids, you should totally come.  we always have good food, pony rides, moon bounce, beautiful flowers, and most importantly, strawberries. 

other than that, i’m running on empty over here.  i got to do yoga once last week, since the kids have started spending the night at their dad’s house 3 nights a week.  it was great, and helped, but i need to go more often to get the energy benefits.  i haven’t been eating well, either.  not helping…  hope your weekend was amazing!

thought randomizer

Posted in life in general, musings, super fun for little one on April 22, 2007 by askthesky

here’s what i’ve been focused on this week:

he’s had a fever for 3 days that goes from 101-104 with wild abandon.  he’s been doing things like this, falling asleep while playing with the balance ball, all weekend, and not sleeping very much at night.  it’s been a bit like having a newborn, all foggy, all the time. 

we have two new family members:

zeke and simmie, a brother sister pair in need of a home, and we in serious need of mouse control.  zeke has many, many extra digits, which only adds to his allure in my book.  they’re both very sweet, not too needy, not too shed-y, purrrfect.  sorry, i had to. 

and, finally, a bit of crazy random writing about this, which came in the easter basket grandmommy put together for us:


so, the idea is, it’s a Dora ™ candy dispenser.  so cute!  dora ™ dressed like a bunny!  but wait, there’s a dark side:

you basically scalp her to get to the candy.  here, kids, open up dora’s ™ cranium, and partake of her delectable, candy brain!  yum! 

is it just me?  did not one person in their marketing department think this might be a tiny bit disturbing?  maybe it’s just me…

it’s tom clancy’s birthday, too

Posted in life in general, super fun for little one on April 12, 2007 by askthesky

first, a moment of silence to mark the passing of my favorite author.  thank you. 

on to happier things, the 3rd anniversary of the pulling out of my second child.  and, yes, he was pulled out via c-section.  apparently they really had to yank him.  i was busy in la-la land, so i can’t really comment. 

i went into labor with him after months of bed rest, trying to prevent the too-early timing of his sister’s birth.  i had just walked home from the diner on the corner, and i felt a little gross, i thought because of the giant burger and fries i had wolfed down (which i regretted later).  but, no, it was labor, beginning with contractions a couple minutes apart.  my friend rachel had walked me home, and took sage upstairs for her nap.  by the time she came back, i could no longer carry on normal conversation, and i beckoned for the phone and my suitcase, and asked her if she could stay until my mom drove down to mind sage.  erich ran every light to get home in record time (15 minutes), flung open the door, grabbed my bag and took off again, going faster in tune with the volume of my moaning.  i remember wanting to push as we drove up into the circle drive of the hospital.  of course, the problem was that i couldn’t push, as he was breech.  so, much moaning continued as i dropped out of the car onto the sidewalk on all fours, and the startled valet asked if i needed a wheelchair.  we left the car and raced up to the labor and delivery floor, where we were met by a nice nurse who handed me a clipboard full of papers.  i literally grabbed her collar and brought her up to speed in between moans- “breech baby, coming, c-section prep, NOW.”  she got it (love those nurses!), got my onto a table to do an exam, and indeed, i was 6 centimeters dilated, and his little behind was crowning as much as a rear end can crown. 

now, those of you who have babies can maybe get with me on this- when you are in labor, and your body wants you to push, nothing, NOTHING feels right except pushing.  so, in the few mintues (maybe 20?) that followed, the sounds coming from me were the only way i could vent that pent up pushing energy.  i remember being whisked past a couple of slow-laboring moms in the hallway and asking if the nurse could go explain to them why the crazy lady on the gurney was making so very much noise.  i was worried they would think i was in pain, and i didn’t want them to be scared if they were first timers.  the nurse said, “sweetie, that’s the least of your worries right now- you make all the noise you need to”, and i did. 

finally, we were in the OR, and it was time for the spinal.  in order to get this procedure, you have to curve your body over your belly and remain perfectly still , so the doctor can get the needle in between your vertabrae.  again, ladies with babies, can you imagine being in transition and having back-to-back contractions while doing this?  i think it’s up there with one of the hardest things i’ve ever done.  i did it, though, and moments later, a wonderful calm swept over my belly and legs, and i could stop moaning and ask for some lip balm. 

it seemed like one minute later when he was born.  i was totally out of it, but he looked like a newborn, so i was happy.  after they whisked him and his dad away was when the burger and fries made their re-appearance.  it was not pretty. 

the coolest thing was that, after they had cleaned him up, and me, i got to nurse him and hold him without any tubes or wires or anything.  i had never done that before, and it was the best thing. 

happy 3rd birthday, snuggleman, i sure do love you. 

the mafia are beckoning

Posted in musings on April 11, 2007 by askthesky

to you!  to you! 

check it out, i’m so proud of our mafia

join us at our first big event:

For Immediate Release                                                           
Press Contact:Heather von Marko                                                                         

Free Event

The Charm City Craft Mafia Presents ‘Pile of Craft’ Craft Fair
Baltimore – Pile of Craft is a juried indie craft fair brought to you by Baltimore’s new CHARM CITY CRAFT MAFIA. Join the mafia on June 23rd from 10am to 5pm at the St. John’s Church, located at 2640 St. Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21218. This event is free and open to the public.This group of crafty folk have been working hard to bring together the areas most creative artists and designers to sell their work. Vendors include Bake Sale Designs by Rebecca McCoy, Cotton Monsters by Jennifer Strunge, Meghann and Jo’s hand made aprons, Red Prarie Press by Rachel Bone, It Knits by Christalena Hughmanick, Kiss My Crafts by Sara Allred, Pink Kiss Pottery by Shawna Pincus, Spaghetti Kiss Productions from Michael Bracco and many more! Members of the Mafia will be raffling off their one-of-a-kind items to shoppers throughout the day. This is your one stop shop for original hand crafted designs, so don’t miss it!The Charm City Craft Mafia is a a group of rowdy, creative, talented, and (most importantly) crafty folk who work out of Baltimore City, Charm City, USA. We hawk our wares through our websites, at craft shows, and through local stores. Now we have banded together ‘crafter a crafter’ to build a craftier world where our work is available to all.

For more information on the Charm City Craft Mafia and its talented members, please visit For specific inquiries please direct email to

alive and kickin

Posted in musings on April 5, 2007 by askthesky

hey there party people.  the camera batteries are dead, and despite picking it up 47 times this week to photograph something to post about, the batteries are still.  dead.  perhaps, someday soon, i will change the batteries, and be able to share some crafty things with you again.  we can hope.  also, it’s holy week, for which i offer an analogy- holy week is to those who work in the Christian church as tax day is to accountants everywhere. 

 luckily, as usual, myriad crafty posters have thrilling posts for you to read today; i give you: 

kathy’s totally amazing mask, quilted, with beaded embroidery (kathy, this may be my favorite thing you’ve ever made- really spectacular)…

yarn harlot’s trip to ann arbor on her book tour, a trip which was paved with good intentions…

political knitting statement, at whip-up…

enjoy, and happy (?) maundy thursday!